Steam AMA with TEAM and…Giveaway!

Ask Team Anything
We’re super-glad to announce that our Game Designer, Lázaro Raposo, will be conducting an AMA session here on STEAM, this Friday.

The AMA session will start on May 14th at 9 PM (UTC +0), 10 PM (BST), 2 PM (PDT), 5 PM (EDT)


Cereal Games’ artists, programmers and communicators will also be participating in the session and will be answering your questions. Also, we’ve got an idea. See these pretty faces?
Tell us something (it’s important for the giveaway):

Who would you invite to go out drinking?
-Who would you bring to a LAN party?
-Who would you ask to buy you coffee?
-Who’s most likely to pretend to be working remotely while he plays?

“Explain that Giveaway deal…”

Of course, detective. We’ve got one Pecaminosa game key to offer to the one that can comment on his choices in the most original way possible. We will announce the winner here, the day after the AMA.

PS - Leave your questions simply on the Steam post, and we will try to answer as many as possible on the day!