Open Letter from Game Director

Pecaminosa OPEN lETTER
The game was released exactly one month ago


Releasing a game is, at the very least, strange. We dedicate our souls wholly to making a lot of compromises in order to create something we hope could mean something to people, as it means to us...

...It’s good to see when this happens and it doesn't bother us (much) when we see that it doesn’t happen… When we started defining Pecaminosa – A Pixel Noir Game’s contours in 2018 still, we knew it wouldn’t please everybody. Is it the Coke soda in the desert? The game of our dreams? We always knew it wouldn’t be, but we’ve always wanted it to have personality, and in our modest opinion, it does.

"Improvements made so far?"

We are listening. We will never “decharacterize” the game, but we’ve been gathering feedback from our players and improving some aspects of Pecaminosa. There have been and there are still updates being made on Steam and Switch, the most worked on being character movement, accessibility to game areas (fast travel), and difficulty when facing enemies (nerf).

This Action RPG that has been ours so much, is now yours much more. I know it has personality. I’d like to know if you identify with it.

Your opinions matter to the team and it is in its name that I thank you for giving Pecaminosa a chance. My sincerest desire? ...That you are having fun with us!

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Lázaro Raposo – Co-founder, CEO and Game Director

PS – We’re working on something to give you a surprise soon. One of the good ones!