La Soirée: Pecaminosa's Free Title Update is coming soon

This fourth chapter marks the return of John Souza to his detective work. To the possible normality, with the story's tone being shifted to his investigation, and with new game features.

Hello there!

During these last couple of months, we’ve been secretly working on a bunker...

…Ok, we haven’t been really working on a bunker, but we’ve been, in fact, silently developing Pecaminosa’s epilogue, which we’ve decided to title La Soirée.


It’s the additional chapter and the one that closes Pecaminosa’s main story. It’s the surprise we’ve been working on for you and it includes new areas characters, poker, slots, and a new boss fight.

Last but not least, this last chapter will allow you to experience different endings. As you know, you own it. Your decisions during this chapter will affect its outcome.

If you already own the game or were one of our backers, you will be able to enjoy La Soirée as a free title update coming soon. And don’t worry – we’ll let you know when the time comes.

Until then, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter, or talk to us directly on Cereal Games’ Discord server.

Best regards,

Cereal Games