Here it is, Pecaminosa's Artbook - the Dark Book, as mentioned in the game. Feel it on paper and get exclusive access to featured sketches, concept art, and… deep secrets!


card deck


A professional, quality, pixelized card deck, purposefully inspired in the noir atmosphere of Pecaminosa. Made in Italy, through a company working directly with the best casinos known to only choose winners! Easy to shuffle and resistant to wear and tear! Lucky you, bambin@!

City Guide



There's no way you can get lost with this physical city guide of Pecaminosa. You own these streets.


Official Hat

Official Hat


John Souza’s panamá hat – here it is in all its splendor: in wool melton and a moveable guronsan… I mean… gurgoron red tape. Hand made. Made for you. Made for winners.




Here you have: the Pecaminosa Game Poster (50 x 70 cms). We like to call it Family Portrait, but you can call it whatever you want, as long as you buy it!





You deserve it! Treat yourself to some elegance with our dark and noir T-Shirt. Take a pixelated postcard of Pecaminosa as a bonus.