Zombeans Attack

Billy Bean had a bean plantation, and oh boy, did he like his beans. But no one could imagine that, one night, everything would change! Something happened in his farm that turned his precious beans…


Don't Kill The Chicken

This is the chicken! It could be a mountain lion, but it's a chicken. The Chicken has only one purpose: be a chicken. Test your intelligence and prove that you're smarter than a…


Geo-GO: a geographic adventure!

"The world is in peril! A very bad scientist, who for narrative purposes will be called Evil Guy, used his technological, Machiavellian, and culinary skills to build a climate-altering machine and…



"Sin breeds, where evil thrives" Our first game outside of the serious game spectrum, Pecaminosa is a Pixel Noir Action RPG where you play as John Souza, a former police detective, on a…


Bike a Planet

In the wake of our research and development, Bike a Planet is an educational game that teaches through the game mechanics. This time we went a little further and it turns out that Bike a Planet…


Paleontology Simulator

This is an augmented reality game that simulates the complexities of paleontology. Thus, players can search for virtual fossils in a virtual field, interacting with the system with only…


Nonagon Quest

Nonagon Quest is a Serious RPG, where players can interact and learn more about Nonagon (a technologic park) and the companies based there. This informative game works in a double screen…


Defensores do Ambiente

Get your hands dirty with this scavenger hunt-style game. Brace yourself and become an "Environment Defender!"  *Available at Câmara Municipal de Ponta Delgada


Museum Hunter

Museum Hunter is both a mobile application and a game that invites the user to explore the Ribeira Grande through Augmented Reality and Geolocation technologies. Collect all the treasures…

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