Don't Kill The Chicken

This is the chicken! It could be a mountain lion, but it's a chicken. The Chicken has only one purpose: be a chicken. Test your intelligence and prove that you're smarter than a…


Geo-GO: a geographic adventure!

"The world is in peril! A very bad scientist, who for narrative purposes will be called Evil Guy, used his technological, Machiavellian, and culinary skills to build a climate-altering machine and…



"Sin breeds, where evil thrives" Our first game outside of the serious game spectrum, Pecaminosa is a Pixel Noir Action RPG where you play as John Souza, a former police detective, on a…


Bike a Planet

In the wake of our research and development, Bike a Planet is an educational game that teaches through the game mechanics. This time we went a little further and it turns out that Bike a Planet…


Paleontology Simulator

This is an augmented reality game that simulates the complexities of paleontology. Thus, players can search for virtual fossils in a virtual field, interacting with the system with only…


Nonagon Quest

Nonagon Quest is a Serious RPG, where players can interact and learn more about Nonagon (a technologic park) and the companies based there. This informative game works in a double screen…


Defensores do Ambiente

Get your hands dirty with this scavenger hunt-style game. Brace yourself and become an "Environment Defender!"  *Available at Câmara Municipal de Ponta Delgada


Museum Hunter

Museum Hunter is both a mobile application and a game that invites the user to explore the Ribeira Grande through Augmented Reality and Geolocation technologies. Collect all the treasures…

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